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Trip Information 

Bass, Walleye, Steelhead, Chinook & Sockeye Salmon, Sturgeon, Northern Pike, Tiger Muskie, Kokanee, Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout Guided Fishing Trips. 

*Full Day trips are 8 hours approximately 
*3/4 Day trips are 6 hours approximately 
*Half Day trips are 4 hours approximately 

*Prices include guide fee, boat gas, bait, tackle rod's and reels for your trip. 

*Price does not include gratuity. 

*Garbage & Trash:
There will be a garage can on the boat for any garbage, please use it. If there is not one at the launch you can use ours. Please do not leave trash on any public or private land! Please do not litter in our lakes and rivers! 

*Bass, Sturgeon, Northern Pike, Tiger Muskie trips are catch and release only. 

*Walleye, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead & Salmon trips include complimentary fillet of your catch. 

*Potholes Reservoir Walleye Trips we do not keep bass over 17" or walleye over 22" and recommend only retaining 5 walleye per person to try and keep a healthy walleye population. This is due to the slot size limit, to protect our breeding fish and control our smaller fish population. On walleye trips you will get more of a mixed bag including Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, Trout and Catfish. 

*Snake River & Columbia River Walleye Trips there is no size or catch limit. We do try to release Walleye over 22" to protect our breeding fish, but with confidence and no promise or guarantees you could catch 10-50 or more Walleye in a trip that are perfect eaters. You could possibly see some of a mixed bag including Perch and Bass. 

*We will provide a cooler on the boat with ice and water bottles.

*Make sure to pack a lunch, snacks and your drinks that you prefer for your trip. 

*Bring your phone or camera, sunblock, polarized sunglasses, neck gator, bug spray, hat and a cooler to take your fish home.

*Remember to dress for the weather conditions. Bring the necessary rain or cold gear if weather requires it. Dress in layers. It is recommended during the spring, summer and early fall to dress for a chilly morning, but you could be in shorts and a tank top before noon. During the mid fall, winter and early spring to be prepared for colder conditions and recommend thermals, rain/snow bibs and jacket, gloves, water proof socks and water proof boots.

(*Must have a valid Washington State Fishing License if you are 15 years of age or older. Minor's 14 years of age or younger do not require a fishing license in Washington State and can keep the same limit as an adult. Per Washington State if an adult is taking a minor 14 years of age or younger fishing they are not required to have a fishing license if they are not engaged in the fishing other than assisting the minor.)

(*Salmon and Steelhead fishing trips no matter what age, anyone fishing for and/or retaining Salmon or Steelhead are required to have a Salmon and/or Steelhead tag with a fishing license in Washington State. Per Washington State minor's 14 years of age or younger are required to have Salmon or Steelhead tag with a Washington State fishing license that can be at no cost.) 

If you have any questions or want more information please call Brett by pushing the button below. 

Trip Information : Trip Information
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